Cyberpunk for the 21st Century

The man is running the show. What’s left of the show anyway. After the Big Blast that wrecked most of the world, humanity was forced to concentrate in urban centers around the globe. Unable to maintain order, governments were forced to submit to those corporations capable of providing goods and services to keep humanity alive. The already stressed urban landscape evolved into feudal sprawls of oppression and despair, but at least humanity survived.

The effects of Big Blast didn’t end with the eruption of the Yellowstone Supervolcano. The fallout of the blast included a metal whose radiation altered life and changed our understanding of science. As its effects became known, people promoted the idea that this was the mythical metal known as Orichalcum and its presence was, in a word, magical. It was everywhere — in the food, in the water, in the air, and fundamentally in our blood. Before anything could possibly be done to prevent exposure, Orichalcum had affected everyone — and everything.
After years of suffering at the hands of the elite, humanity is finally beginning to realize that this magical metal may also be society’s salvation. Corporate oligarchs cannot control who has the ability to use this magical energy, and as they struggle to maintain what hold they have on their territories, they have escalated operations against their rivals.

You have grown up in this society and are unwilling to accept your fate. You are a novapunk, unwilling to accept the status-quo, and your reputation has provided enough notoriety to become ronin, freelance covert mercenaries who conduct shadow operations under contract with the corps. At least you can make a better life for yourself and perhaps along the way you might just change the world.


The scale of the game is small to large, transitioning from individual challenges to challenging the establishment.


Current Issue. Choose your own destiny in a dystopian planned society.

Impending Issue. The Megacorps always work to maintain the status-quo and maximize profits — at all costs.


Novapunk can be played in many different systems. Originally play-tested using HERO System, Legendsmiths has designed a new system called NOVA6 to support this new setting.