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HERO Games Website

One of the nicer, easier to navigate sites in the industry. The company is extremely responsive, down to and including a rules posting thread that only the Line Developer Steve Long can respond to. Those responses are then compiled into FAQs for future reference. The forums are also very noob friendly, so if you are just getting into Hero, that is a great place to start.


The character design tool for Hero System. Nearly every book has a prefab you can buy which includes all the characters, equipment, powers, and so on from the books. Most useful are the villains books, and the bestiaries. It's really nice to take a base creature and then build off that to make whatever kind of monster you need.

Additionally, we highly recommend the links and tools listed below.
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Dundjinni A great mapping tool, the forums are a rich source of premade maps for many campaigns.  
Gimp Whenever you need to edit images, GIMP is your tool.  
Hexographer Hex mapping tool 
Illustrated Guide to Herbs A useful guide to herbs in RPGs 
InkScape Free SVG based vector drawing program that is great for map making.  
MapTool Great tool for running your games digitally, whether local or over the 'net. You can prepare all of your encounters ahead of time, and even post/share your entire adventure/campaign.  
Master List of Limitations A comprehensive list of Distinctive Features, Psychological, Physical, and Social Complications 
Roll20 Online gaming in Google+ Hangouts 
SCP Foundation To Secure, Contain, and Protect. SCP artifacts pose a significant threat to global security, and this foundation documents each in detail (up to the limit of the law).  
Surbrook's Stuff an archive of source material for the Hero System role-playing game 
Virtual Play Gaming insight and discussion 
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